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A Safe Place in the Storm


The Harbor exists to provide a safe place in the storm.

Life can be a mess sometimes and it would be good to find a place to just get out of the storm. We try to provide a safe place to come learn about God and the church. We exist to offer hope in a non-judgemental environment. We try to create an atmosphere where no one has to be an expert and where we can all ask the questions about life that we really need answered. And we seek to do this as humbly as broken people can.


Christ: Our most basic confession is "Jesus Christ is Lord."
God's Word: We believe in the transforming power of God's Word. The Bible is the Word of God and is sufficient to bring life changing transformation. We also believe that Jesus Christ is the criteria through which the Bible is to be understood.
Worship: Worship is a lifestyle of praise to God. We desire to create an atmosphere where people genuinely interact with God in dynamic corporate worship, and as a result, experience tangible life change.
Discipleship: Christ commanded us to go and make disciples. Believing that discipleship is essential in growing like Christ, we will provide various opportunities for people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
Mission: We believe that mission is a lifestyle more than an activity; therefore we will encourage all to devote their lives and be directly involved in Christ's command to take the Gospel to the world. To do this we will be actively involved in efforts to increase the physical presence of the Kingdom of God by planting new churches throughout our area, state, nation, and the world.


We are a missional fellowship seeking to provide a safe place for the development of fully devoted followers of Christ. We will seek to accomplish this by providing honest and open worship, engaging Bible Study, and a fellowship committed to loving God and loving one another.

We are a church desiring to provide a safe place in the storms of life for followers of Christ and those seeking to discover God's grace in their lives.




What is a non-denominational church?

Being a non-denominational Christian church simply means that we are not a member of a particular denomination such as Baptist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Methodist, etc. Nor do we belong to or answer to any church organization. Being non-denominational does not mean we are against any denomination or organization but we are free to seek that the Holy Spirit guide and protect God's church. The Harbor Community Church is not some way-out sect; we believe in the Bible and seek to fellowship, worship and spread the gospel to our neighborhood, our region and the ends of the earth.


Will I feel comfortable at the Harbor?

Well, we hope so. The Harbor Community Church is a place for sinners, like me and perhaps like you. We believe that Jesus came to save the lost and to heal the hurting. Our mission is to reach those people in the area that sometimes do not feel comfortable at a traditional church. Over half the Leadership Team is actively engaged in a twelve-step program called Harbor Recovery - not as facilitators but as people with hurts, habits and hang-ups that make us unable to cope on our own and we require God’s grace. Our group includes: alcoholics, addicts, abusers and the abused, the arrogant, adulterers, the anxiety-ridden, the angst-filled and the angry - and that is just the start of the alphabet. But that is not what we are - we are grateful believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are longing to be free so that we can fully participate in God’s plan for using us broken people for His glory. If you are broken and hurting, the Harbor wants to be the safe place where you can encounter a loving God who heals. 

I want to come to the Harbor, how do I dress?

Dress as you feel comfortable.  Our Pastor wears jeans; he has vowed he will not wear a tie. There is no rule against wearing ties, dresses, or coats.  Some members feel it is more appropriate to dress up for church - they are free to do that too.  We want to free everyone from Legalism. Shoes or toe socks are optional.


Should I bring my Bible?

We at the Harbor believe in the Bible for teaching and instructing.  The message (sermon) will be based on Bible verses or principles.  We ask you to bring your Bible. We will have Bibles available in baskets under some chair in your row. If you do not have a Bible we desire that you take one of these Bibles home as a gift from the Harbor.


Should I bring my kids?

We love families, some of us have kids and some of us act like kids.  We have programs for the children. Children under two and half (basically the children that aren't potty-trained or in Harbor nautical parlance - the swabbies) may be taken to the "nursery" at the conclusion of the fellowship time (a few minutes before the start of service - around 10:25 am).  The rest of the children, 6th grade and under, will be excused during the worship service to attend the program known as Adventure Cove. 

The teachers will be guiding the children to learn and grow by hearing Bible truths, knowing, understanding, applying and living Bible truths, worshiping through Bible stories, Bible verses, prayer and music.  The children will apply what they learn through games and some crafts.

The playground has been enjoyed by children before the service. If you have any questions, just ask any of our greeters. They are there to help.

We will strive to meet the needs of our children and parents as we grow.  Our childrens' workers will serve on a rotating basis.  If you would be willing to help as a teacher or assistant, please contact Colette Smith at 636-464-0122, (cell) 314-606-6129 or coletteismith@yahoo.com .


Can I bring a pillow?

Yes, it is okay. Pastor Ron understands that folding chairs may be a little uncomfortable and a pillow or seat cushion would help.  He is opposed to the slogan "Pastor Ron is preaching - better bring a pillow."  You are also welcome to bring your own chair. Initially, at the first service, we struggled to get enough chairs. The Harbor has made efforts to obtain more chairs. What a wonderful problem to have - not enough places to sit. God is good!


I want to help, when is the next business meeting?

Sorry, we don’t anticipate having business meetings. The Harbor is more interested in a committee of persons that set up chairs on a Sunday morning than having a Committee Chairperson. At the Harbor a “show of hands” is when the Spirit-filled-congregation praises and worships in song with up-raised arms rather than a vote in a business meeting. By design the church is led by a leadership team of the pastor and twelve people who have been praying, meeting, repenting and working for several months to launch the Harbor Church. There will be a time in which members of the Leadership team will step down as others are called to be leaders of the church. This is not to say your voice is not important - we desperately want to hear your point of view. We will always strive to follow the Biblical commands and the calling of the Holy Spirit in making decisions about the Harbor Community Church. “For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men.” 2 Corinthians 8:21 (NIV).

Who is your pastor? How should we address him?

 Our Pastor is Ron Mackey. He would like to be called “Ron.” Those who know Ron from his days as a pastor at another church are still in the habit of calling him “Bro. Ron“ and that is okay, too, but we at the Harbor dislike titles and are called to change. Listening to him preach you will soon learn about his background in farming in rural Oklahoma and his affinity for coconut cream pie. Want to know more about Ron? You will enjoy meeting him and sharing with him.






Want more videos? Check out our archives at www.vimeo.com/thcc/videos





You can find us at 1645 Marriott Ln, in Barnhart, MO

icon 1 1645 Marriott Ln, Barnhart, MO

icon 2 (636) 223-2106

icon 3www.theharborcc.org

Sunday Morning 

Fellowship.....10:00 AM 

Worship........10:30 AM 

Office Hrs: Tues-Fri, 10 AM - 4 PM

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We are a church desiring to provide a safe place in the storms of life for followers of Christ and those seeking to discover God's grace in their lives.

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